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Cosmetology with no compromises, perfect quality, organic certified raw materials and production technology, creating value.

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The history of the Hungarian Vintage Beauty brand started in 2010 when Eszter Szakonyi, master in cosmetology, professional medical cosmetologist opened her first Vintage Beauty salon in Budapest. The beauty salon grew very fast and was winner of the Beauty Salon of the Year Award, it received the People’s Choice Award in 2014.

It is in the Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute where the history of the Vintage Beauty organic certified product lines have started. The purpose of developing our own products was to create a product line that we found worthy to offer to our clients, to us and to our profession. This is why Vintage Beauty name is equal with the purest and the most effective products: no impurity, unnecessary filling or falseness of the advertisements.

In a unique way on the Hungarian market, we produce Ecocert/Cosmos (2016-2018) and Naturix (from 2019) certified products, thus we ensure no doubt about the quality and the pureness of our products. We work with the purest and the noblest materials so that beauty care should be conscious, effective and predictable with no unpleasant surprises.  

Thanks to our Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute, prior to selling them, our products are tested on several thousands of clients for one-and a half – two years, so that after summarizing our clients’ feedbacks and experiences, together with the compulsory tests of effectiveness, they can serve the best our daily beauty care. We work with our own products in our beauty salon; this is how the Vintage Beauty Womens’s Cosmetic Institute was winner of the Professional Award in 2017.

The value creating work of Vintage Beauty is not for its own sake. It brings a message to all our clients that kept choosing and trusting us all the way long, to those customers to whom our products are there as real mates in their daily lives, but to those as well, who need help. We do believe that it is our responsibility to embrace women who need help, ill children who need support and important cases as well, this is why we offer regular support to 3 organizations, the NaNe, Bátor Tábor and the Hősök tere Foundations and we also give a helping hand to make our homeless fellows ‘daily life easier in the House of Choice.