Corporate social responsibility.

The value creating activity of Vintage Beauty is not self-serving. It is meant to serve our clients who have chosen us to take care of their skin and beauty for years, as well as to serve those who are in need. We believe it is our duty and mission to grant support to important social initiatives and therefore we have supported the following social organisations both financially and through various actions:

  • Women for Women Together Against Violence Association (NANE Association) – to fight domestic violence

The Association has been one of the major representatives of the fight against domestic violence involving women and children as victims in Hungary for nearly 30 years. In the past years, we have been supporting their work with 1% of our web shop revenue and with the distribution of their educational material. Furthermore, our Salon, the Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute has been organising ladies’ nights and has been providing professional trainings to cosmeticians working in the beauty industry.


  • Bátor Tábor Foundation – providing experiences for the recovery of sick children

It is one of the largest civil organisations in Hungary, which has been providing life-changing experiences to seriously ill children and children fighting chronic diseases, as well as their families, and also to families who have lost their child, by organising therapeutic recreation camps for 20 years. Our company has been supporting the Foundation’s activity with 1% of our web shop revenue and by offering financial support at the organisation’s fundraising events and auctions.


  • Hősök Tere Initiative – for a more tolerant society

They have been fighting social prejudices and insensitivity through their programmes and sensitising campaigns and have had an impact on the worldview of more than one million people through their trainings, events and awareness videos. We have been supporting the movement with 1% of our web shop revenues for years, and also offer contributions at their fundraising nights.


  • The Crossroads’ House Women’s Rehabilitation Institution – for the return of indigent women to the labour market

The Institution offers personalised support to indigent women to help them to achieve a better life. We regularly organise clothes collection campaigns for the women rehabilitated by the Institution to facilitate their return to the labour market, while at the beauty days organised by our Salon our cosmetic experts do their best to offer homeless women a new appearance, giving them self-confidence, positive self-esteem and hope.


  • Hintalovon Children’s Right Foundation – for the right of children

The Foundation works for the rights of children to ensure that the adult society takes their interests and views into consideration in all walks of life. Our company has been supporting the socially highly important activity of the Foundation with a part of its web shop revenues since July 2020.


  • Oltalom Charity Society – to reach out to the homeless

The Charity Society provides financial aid, support in kind, as well as soul care to disadvantaged, socially abandoned persons to help them to achieve a decent life. We have organised a charity clothes collection campaign in December 2020 and, thanks to the clients of the Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute, we were able to donate a minibus load of used clothes, shoes, bags, toys and heartfelt Christmas messages to the inhabitants of the kindergarten and the adult shelter operated by the Charity Society.


  • Bethesda Children’s Hospital – for the recovery of sick children

Bethesda is one of the largest children’s health institutions in Hungary, its major area of specialisation being the treatment of burn victim children. Within the framework of a special cooperation, we have been supporting the work of the hospital in various areas since February 2021:

  • on the occasion of the Nurses’ Day, we offered a valuable gift package of our organic cosmetic products to the trainer-nurses of the hospital;
  • we have offered the Hospital a certain part of the proceeds from the web shop sale of each of our new products launched in 2021;
  • in cooperation with specialists of the hospital, we developed a Care Cream promoting the skin regeneration of both patients and nurses;
  • throughout six months, we provide an opportunity to the nurses of the Bethesda Children’s Hospital for beauty care and comfort free of charge on the last working day of each month at our Women’s Cosmetic Institute.


  • Ladies’ Nights

Before the COVID pandemic, we held educative thematic nights with topics related to women and being in the focus of women’s interest at the Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute with the involvement of specialists of various areas. We chose as the major topics of the quarterly events the life stories of women; man and woman relationship behaviours; expectations towards women; the causes of hormonal disorders; grief and grief therapy, dealing with a loss.