Story of the founder family

Eszter, wife, mother of 4, Rotterdam-Hillegersberg citizen, founder of the natural cosmetic brand Vintage Beauty.

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The Szakonyi family consists of two successful entrepreneurs and 4 naughty children.

Eszter and Gábor have independently run their own business in Hungary for 12 years.
Eszter has the largest beauty salon in Hungary, which includes her own cosmetic factory and the natural cosmetic product line developed and manufactured there. The products have won 25 international awards in the last 3 years alone.
Gabor runs a dental and oral surgery business with dental centres in Budapest and London.

Alongside this, they also give 100 percent to their joint venture, which is their family of six. It is the skilful coordination, appreciation of each other, support and, last but not least, love what makes their alliance work.

Six months ago the family moved to Hillegersberg, to the suburbs of Rotterdam, from Budapest. They moved to the Netherlands to learn about this wonderful country and to show their children its culture and systems. They feel so grateful for the experiences and lessons they have learned in the Netherlands that they want to give something back to the Dutch community of what they know best and can create.

Eszter’s personal life often merges with the professional one, which is the reason why it is still possible to pursue dreams while having four children. Her next dream is to introduce her multi world award-winning natural cosmetics brand in the Netherlands, and to make people happy and confident by offering skin health treatments and skin problem-solving treatments in her salon at Freericksplaats 5, Rotterdam-Hillegersberg.

But they also try to help outside the salon, in much the same way they do in their home country: financially, actively, through donations, collections, events. For years, their work has supported 11 organisations, including sick children’s causes, homeless charities, foundations for abused women, orphaned babies, theatres, artists and children’s hospitals. These activities will be a prominent part of their daily lives in the Netherlands.