Who can purchase?

After entering the necessary data anybody can purchase in this webshop, no registration is needed.

How to order?

You have the following possibilities:

The buyer accepts the offer of Vintage Beauty. In the name of the Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute, Vintage Mood Ltd. confirms and fulfils the soonest possible the Client’s order. The order is valid only after receiving the confirmation of the email summarizing the details of the order and after its receipt by the Vintage Mood Ltd.



Prices are indicated in Hungarian Forints and Euros and include VAT. The ordered products will be delivered upon receipt of their price and the necessary transport cost by bank transfer to our bank account.

Order delivery

Your order will be delivered upon receipt of your payment. In case of an international transport, the shipping may take even 8-10 workdays, except if we define a different shipping day. Our products can be delivered both in Hungary and abroad (shipping costs will be calculated accordingly). Shipping costs may differ based on the destination country. In case we cannot make sure that your order will arrive abroad safely (due to extreme weather circumstances or other type of difficulties) we won’t deliver the requested products, or we do it only if we have the client’s explicit written request. In such cases we cannot offer any guarantee of the quality of the requested products. We calculate with only one shipping cost even if we fulfil your order by several transports.

Fulfilling your order may take longer even if our company is not responsible for that. We keep the right to change minimally the price due to unexpected changes occurred at the providers of the ingredients that we use in our products. However, we guarantee the prices that are indicated on our website and in the confirmation e-mail we had sent to you.

Sending back purchased items, cancellation of contract Az

According to the 45/2014 law we offer the possibility of cancelling the contract and to have the right to send us back the purchased products with no explanation.  You can cancel the contract within 14 days after receiving the pack. It is enough to send us a cancellation email before the expiration of this period and to send us back the products by using any of the following ways showed below.  You can bring back the items personally or send them back by post or by a shipping company to the address of the Vintage Mood Ltd. (Budapest 1031, Nánási út 40/A.) We do not accept cash on delivery or port packages. Products sold as a complete package must be sent back entirely.  Items sent back cannot be deteriorated or used, except if the missing quantity is not more than the average usage needed for 1-2 days.  We refund the price of the complained products by post or upon request, by bank transfer. If the complained products do not arrive within 30 days after the order, the client has the right to cancel the order and to get back the entire amount that had been possibly paid.

Guarantee (complaint)

Vintage Mood Ltd. takes the responsibility that the products are produced based on the authorized formula, all the ingredients are controlled according to the rules and are impeccably clean and the whole production of the creams follow the rules. Both the production and the packaging of the products follow the strictest rules and microbiological requirements. Due to the exceptionally high level of active substances, products may show exaggerated, but not harmful reactions. We do not guarantee the required result if you choose the product with no preliminary skin analysis or recommendation of the Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute. We recommend having a preliminary consultation, if possible, at our Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute so that you can choose the most appropriate product for your skin. If you miss it, please always make a skin test on the inner side of your wrist. If no allergy occurs within 24 hours (redness, urticaria, itching, pinching) you can safely use the product on your skin as well. Otherwise stop using the product and send it back to us. Please do not use the product if you have any type of known allergy against the ingredients that figure on our products. We take the responsibility of the quality of the product within the guarantee period that figures on the packaging if the storing conditions are respected.

Protecting your personal data

We store our clients ‘personal data in our own database that cannot be reached from external sources. We collect the data only for Vintage Mood Ltd. and we work with them in order to fulfil the economical tasks of the company and to organize promotions and advertising campaigns, by respecting completely the prescriptions regarding the protection of the personal data.

You can always ask for information and for correction, completion or deletion of your personal data.

Vintage Mood Kft 1031 Budapest Nánási út 40/a.