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Cosmetology with no compromises, perfect quality, organic certified raw materials and production technology, creating value, social responsibility.

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The history of the Vintage Beauty brand goes back to 2010 when Eszter Szakonyi, master esthetician and medical cosmetologist opened her first Vintage Beauty salon. As the salon rapidly grew, it moved to a new location and received the People’s Choice Award at the Salon of the Year Contest in 2014.

It was there, at the new beauty centre named Vintage Beauty Women’s Cosmetic Institute that the history of the Vintage Beauty certified organic cosmetic products began. Our aim with the product development was to create and manufacture a product line that we find worthy of our clients, ourself and our profession. This is why each and every one of the products of the Vintage Beauty brand are as clear and effective as possible: they are all without impurities, unnecessary components or the deception of advertisements.

The cosmetic products we manufacture are issued with Ecocert and Naturix certifications guaranteeing the best quality and maximum purity. We use only the most effective, the purest and the most noble ingredients to provide conscious, effective and predictable beauty care solutions free from unpleasant surprises.

Each of our products are tested by several thousand clients at the Women’s Cosmetic Institute for 1.5–2 years before they are put on the shelves. Drawing conclusions from the experiences, feedbacks and impact assessments, we further improve the products to make them the most perfect and most noble ones to serve daily skin care. It is the products developed by our company that are used in our salon for cosmetic treatments – this probably largely contributed to the fact that the professional community voted the Women’s Institute Beauty Salon of the Year in 2017.

The value creating activity of Vintage Beauty is not self-serving. It is meant to serve our clients who have chosen us to take care of their skin and beauty for years; to serve our customers who have our products in their daily skin care routine as unfailing companions; and also, to serve those who are in need. We believe it is our duty and mission to grant support to fellow women and children in need, as well as to important social initiatives. We therefore supported the Women for Women Together Against Violence Association (NANE Association), the Bátor Tábor Foundation providing life-changing experiences to seriously ill children and the Hősök Tere Initiative known for its sensitizing programmes, by donating them part of our proceeds for several years. As from 2020, we have been supporting the socially highly important work of the Hintalovon Children’s Right Association and we also give a helping hand to the homeless patronised by The Crossroads’ House. We consider the initiative of the NANE Association to fight against domestic violence especially important and therefore support their activity both financially and by spreading their educational material.