What makes it organic?

Due to the current inadequate legal regulation system, anybody can state today that their product is natural or organic – without any product test or legal procedure. The brand name and the design often give the customer the impression that a product is natural, while it is clear from a glance at the ingredients that the product is not made of natural components.

The only option left for us is to put our faith in the labels of the strict certifying organizations: these confirm with certainty that a product is in compliance with the standards of the organization issuing the certificate.

We strongly believe that quality is paramount and therefore the products manufactured by Vintage Beauty have obtained – in a unique way in Hungary – the COSMOS certificate of the Ecocert organization.

From year 2019 we work together with the NATURIX QUALITY MANAGEMENT NON -PROFITS LTD. that controls the quality and the pureness of our products. We work with the purest and the noblest materials so that beauty care should be conscious, effective and predictable with no unpleasant surprises. NATURIX QUALITY MANAGEMENT NON -PROFITS LTD. works according to the ISO 16128 standard and by using its certification system it controls the manufacturing places. With respecting the license conditions, it allows the usage of the NATURIX® logo on the products. The registered NATURIX® logo/name also means guarantee for the customers that the skincare product they buy contains natural/organic ingredients according to the standard.

This entail that we are obliged to certify the origin of the ingredients used for our cosmetic products and the formula of the cosmetic products, while the manufacturing process, the composition of the packaging materials, the content of the labels and the manufacturing conditions are all verified in the certification process. The criteria for organic cosmetic products are even stricter: at least 20% of the entire product must originate from organic production and 95% of the physically processed natural ingredients of plant or animal origin must come from organic production. Think consciously and use only reliable products with genuinely pure active substances to take care of your skin.

We are questing for GENUINE answers to GENUINE skin problems using GENUINE ingredients. We are questing for efficient, clean and uncompromising solutions. In our own language. In the language of cosmetics.

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